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This gallery aims to be the most complete and up to date gallery of Nirvana My Little Pony's.


This is a living Gallery and is constantly being updated as new ponies and information comes to light.

The Nirvana Gallery couldn't have been created with out the help and generosity of the MLParena community. Without your picture donations the Nirvana Gallery would not be what it is today.

Please respect the Nirvana Gallery and the MLParena and do not take pictures for use on eBay, personal sales or webpages.

So what is Nirvana collecting all about?
Nirvana collecting focuses on the first generation of ponies that were made in foreign countries, along with rare variations and prototypes from Hong Kong/China. 

What does Nirvana mean and who created the term?
The term nirvana was defined a long time ago by then MLParena moderator JLM, when the MLParena was first founded.

Which ponies fall under the term Nirvana?
A general overview of the ponies that fall under the Nirvana umbrella are:

Hong Kong/China ‘error’ ponies (eg. Reverse Gusty, Princesses and Happy Tail oddities)

South Africa

No Country
Thailand (Mountain Boys only)
Ponies from locations not identifiable.
Scandinavian, Australian, German and Dutch ponies are regional exclusives rather than being true nirvana ponies. They were put under the nirvana umbrella when the term was coined in the early 2000's. This was before their release pattern was understood. They are included here under other releases of interest.

Which ponies are not included?
The following ponies are not included in this gallery, except for prototypes, errors, and oddities of these:

Hong Kong/China North American
Hong Kong/China UK and Europe
G4 ponies
G3 ponies
G2 ponies
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